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We finish the brutal stretch to start the season at UNCW. Both teams are atrocious on defense so this one likely comes down to who makes just a couple more stops. Both teams can score. Cacok is a nightmare. But drive at him, he likes to foul. We had all kinds of crazy breaks late in the CofC game. Hopefully we can make some adjustments and make some stops. Keep active hands and stay in front of the quick Seahawks, especially Kai Toews.

Wynter vs Toews should be fun, in a battle of what may likely be the two top and most promising freshman in the CAA. Im guessing Wynter will be defending him and he will really need to focus on his footwork to not get beat constantly. From UNCW fans it sounds like Kai likely wont be defending Wynter so hopefully that allows Cam to work to find open players. This could be a potentially huge game for Trevor John. A win here would put the Dragons in a fantastic position going forward this season. I think UNCW gets enough steals/stops to send us to 2-4.

DU- 81
UNCW- 86
Spread: UNCW -3.5
9-7 UNCW U16. Coming out of it UNCW has hit hard for 5
U12 timeout. 19-15 UNCW

Lots of 3's flying from both teams. UNCW is pretty hot shooting right now, so staying with them right now is important for when they cool off.
Kurk with a nice step back 3 to tie it at 21 just under 10 left. 5 3's made already. We have gone to a zone despite the hot shooting and it seems to be throwing UNCW off some
U8 23-23. UNCW has gone cold and we have not capitalized. I would really prefer if Butler stops shooting 3's. Just doesnt seem to be a part of his game.
Cacok is eating our lunch down low on the boards. But that is not a surprise
They are not respecting Demir's 3 point ability and he has knocked 3 down this half. We lead 30-25
U4 timeout, we lead 32-30
Good work by Butler at the end to get the offensive board then his own miss to give us a 42-40 lead at half.
8-20 from 3 for Drexel, 6-15 from 3 for UNCW
17-17 rebounding is a positive. Cacok has 0 defensive board, 4 offensive ones.
Both teams with 5 turnovers
8 total fouls and 5 FT attempts between the teams.

It is definitely a free flowing game.
Both keep firing them up. Hopefully that one gets John going. Cacok is starting to insert himself into this game. Already fought through a double team and now got an and-1
UNCW just showed zone and we got a shot clock violation. Cacok comes down and gets another and-1 opportunity. Cacock landed hard and is slow to get up
U16 and Toews makes a no look beautiful pass and we foul them shooting the 3. He makes it. So get a 4 point opportunity out of the timeout. 53-51 UNCW
FT is good
We are burying ourselves. Cacok gets an and-1, Harper turns it over at half leads to a 4 point play. We turn it over and another UNCW 3. A lead turns to a 6 now 8 point deficit.

59-51 UNCW. Stupid turnovers. 11-0 run for UNCW
Thats also a 17-2 run in the last just over 3 minutes.
61-58 UNCW, U12 timeout. We calmed down after that 17-2 flurry.
71-58 UNCW U8. This one is about over. Turnovers and missed layups. UNCW is very confident right now with their press.
Kurk added value when hitting jumpers. But him driving doesnt work when you miss all of your layups. He has missed at least 3. They werent even that contested. Those hurt a team and when those become a quick transition for UNCW, we have not been able to overcome that and have led to some big runs for the seahawks. Kurk has value but if we need someone to drive and finish it needs to be Harper.
77-66 UNCW U4 timeout.
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