Full Version: How Long Has beIN Sports Advertised at the DAC?
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beIN Sports is based in the Middle East, and the biggest league the American channel has is soccer from Spain's La Liga. They don't show many events from the USA. They show Conference USA Football, Men's Basketball, and maybe other sports. I saw them advertise on the electronic boards, and I'm surprised they would advertise at an arena they never show games from that doesn't get many people combining attendance and watching online. You can see it at 2:03 of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zpWI6EN874
This is the first year they've been a sponsor of Drexel. I usually up on sports media networks, but I know very little about bein sports, except that they're a foreign network that broadcasts soccer. Since you mentioned that they broadcasts CUSA games, do you think that maybe hit's a hint that the CAA could be negotiating with that network?
word has it they're negotiating with your ad - massive four figure deal for the squash broadcast rights
They show sports that not many people care about like volleyball from Italy, so I could see them wanting squash. They used to have WTA (Women's Tennis), but that moved to Tennis Channel. I don't think it's an indication of them wanting to show the CAA, but I would be happy if they did. If they dropped CUSA and only showed CAA, it would be a change from FBS to FCS Football.
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