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Our boys get the short trip from the Mohegan Sun to Hartford for what will be a very challenging game. They are 8-3 on the year with their losses coming to Iowa, Arizona and Florida State. Their best win is over Syracuse. It appears their offense can go on lulls so good defensive teams can give them trouble. Unfortunately we cant stop anyone. They have 9 guys averaging double digit minutes with pretty balanced scoring. Their leading scorer is Jalen Adams who is scoring 17ppg. He is not a good 3 point shooter so staying in front of him will be key. Alterique Gilbert is their 2nd leading scorer and their best 3 point threat, shooting 42%. Those 2 will be the focus, likely, for UConn. I see this as a high scoring affair, but I do not see how we will keep them in front of us on defense.

UConn is favored 15.5

DU- 74
UC- 100
Tonight's game will be televised live on SNY in the New York region and on ESPN3, so it will be free for cable subscribers to stream.
We got Jalen into foul trouble, but couldnt capitalize. Seemed like a lot missed FT's epecially front ends. This was all about turnovers. Our defense was alright. There were certainly some poor efforts, in general I thought we were holding our own. But too many second chances that UConn has made us pay for.

Turnovers. Turnover. Turnovers. We seemed to rush everything and UConn was good as using their length to get in our passing lanes to deflects a lot of passes. We are overmatched and we showed it. Missed some easy good looks and then would let down on the other end.

5 left in the half and we are now down 36-20. This included a 9-0 run recently in less than 2 minutes and included about an 8 minute stretch without a fg for us
Down 42-28 at half. We shot 37% and UConn shot around 55%. They dominated in the paint with good drives as well as offensive rebounds after good defensive stands. We shot 1-9 from 3. UConn seems to be getting their hands in every passing lane and even on our guards at the top. Makes for a tough game when the ball is constantly knocked loose. If we take care of the ball and start hitting some shots we can still make this a game, but based on the first 20 minutes, that is going to be a challenge.
UConn also had 16 points off of our 9 turnovers
97-65 final. 3 point barrage by UConn in the second half. They shot 60% for the game and 65% in the second half. We never got into any kind of rhythm.
That's a big time school/players most are 4/5 stars recruits.
(12-18-2018 11:31 PM)Dragon For Life Wrote: [ -> ]That's a big time school/players most are 4/5 stars recruits.

True but that mentality is saying we can't compete with the big schools. While a loss was expected, and a blowout loss at that, we should still hold our team to a level of expecting us to be able to compete with anyone, not just assuming that we are a mid major we should expect to lose every game. We all agree we are not there yet, but this team has had flashes of headed in the right direction.

There were definitely flashes in the first half of the first half. Our defense was holding its own, until we gave them multiple opportunities. We were holding them to shooting jumpers and 3's, which was a good thing to do. UConn is not a good 3 point shooting team, so having them lean on them is a good thing as opposed to them constantly driving down our throats.

On our end, I thought everyone played timid except Harp. The first half I thought we were moving the ball well and getting decent to good looks. We just didnt make them. We struggled getting to the basket too. I think we had 10 points in the paint in the first half, and 6 of those were our opening three baskets (2 dunks by Butler and a lay in by Demir). The second half our ball movement was poor and was much more isolation basketball. We have seen countless times when we stop running our motion and become an ISO team, bad things happen. We never got Trevor or Ali many looks to work with. So good finishing by Harper, but I would have really liked to have seen anyone else step up in this game and not look intimidated. I thought Cam had a good game as well especially with the pressure Jalen was putting on the ball in the second half.
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