Full Version: WAC membership configuration
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Thought I'd start a thread for brainstorming/imagining/scenario possibilities, but didn't want to pollute your main board. My thought are this for a fcs football and 10 team all other sports league:


UT Arlington (football affiliate)
West Texas A&M (full member)
UTGRV (full member)
Tarleton St (full member)
Dixie St ( full member)
Azuza Pacific (full member)
Colorado Mesa (full member)

Non football:

Grand Canyon
Cal Baptist
Metro St

Gives 7 for football (including 1 football only affiliate) and 10 for all other sports.

Assumes NMSU, UMKC, Seattle, and Chicago St find other homes. Would take a while to make the transition.
I think FCS is the future of the WAC. Azusa Pacific, Dixie St, maybe Central Washington, and possibly up to 4 Texas call ups.
Azusa Pacific could be out. They may wind up football in the Pioneer League.
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