Full Version: UC vs Arkansas Pine-Bluff Game Thread
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Off to a hot start, as should be expected.
How good is Keith Williams gonna be??

Tre Scott really needs to develop a baby hook. He wants to fade away jump shoot everything and it drives me crazy. You square your shoulders up like that against elite teams and you're getting your **** sent back.
liking tre in the mike williams role against the zone, taking pass at ft line and directing offense through it

bless mike, that's all he was good at, but good he was.
I thought Cumberland was supposed to rest an injury tonight.

As usual, Mick's teams play fantastic defense against lesser teams.
are we bashing Mick's defense now? really?
Nope. Since Mick is here we rarely lose in an upset, because his teams play such great defense. That is a great thing. We just need some offense to go with it, because great offenses can overcome great defenses.
scott is legit.
well, on pace for 120pts or so...
This team is bad.
Arkansas pine bluff every bit as overmatched as I expected. Worst team we'll play all year
Wow! Our defense is ON tonight.
This is assault.
(11-27-2018 07:34 PM)DownOnRohs Wrote: [ -> ]This is assault.

Battery... assault was pre-game
dream shake!
Keith Williams is gonna be so good. Legitimate NBA potential.
What a move by Williams under the basket!
Jarron may be done for the night
Terry Nelson is both informative and hilarious.

"There were three players in black down there, and they all got out of the way. They must have thought it was Moses."
(11-27-2018 07:38 PM)Cataclysmo Wrote: [ -> ]Keith Williams is gonna be so good. Legitimate NBA potential.

If he can refine his shot, absolutely
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