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We have an afternoon game coming out of the holidays. We have won 2 good games heading into this one. BGSU is coming off of a blowout loss to Detroit Mercy who also just beat Eastern Michigan. They do have a couple games at St Johns and at VCU where they stayed close but lost. Definitely will be a tough game on the road, but should be a winnable one. Crowd should be sparse.

BGSU is favored by 6.5

Give me the upset today.

DU- 75
How about dan10 with some optimism? I like it.

I certainly think this is a winnable game. The one thing that we have yet to do is show we can win on the road - at least outside of Philadelphia. Apart from LaSalle, we have won one true road game since the OOC part of the schedule of Spiker's first year. Drexel did have a fair amount of success that first year, but this is mostly a different team than that.

This team has been showing growth though and hopefully now is the time to show they can win on the road. Bowling Green, I would say is an average mid-major team, if we can stick to our game and play decent defense we should have a chance to win.
Today's game seemed a lot like last year's Bowling Green Massacre at the DAC. Last year, Drexel played well in the first half and built up a nice lead, but I think BG had a 20-0 run that did Drexel in.

Today Drexel shot the ball nicely in the first half and played with a lot of confidence, but BG had those 2 10-0 runs in the 2nd half that broke the game open. Harper seemed to carry the team for most of the game, but he seemed to run out of gas along with the rest of the team as he was trying to do it all himself.

They need to put this game behind them as they have 5 very winnable games coming up with the first 4 at home.
What happened to Lee? We need him for a consistent team.
Agree JB. We did a good job weathering that first second half run. The 2nd one with about 5-6 minutes left did us in. That 12-0 run took us from a lead to down double digits that we never recovered from. Not a good second half. It does seem any time we start trying to rely on a single person to take over a game, things turn bad and sometimes very bad for this squad. Need to keep focus and keep moving the ball around.
(11-25-2018 09:32 PM)Dragon For Life Wrote: [ -> ]What happened to Lee? We need him for a consistent team.

Lee hurt his shoulder in the Rutgers game. He played a little in the LaSalle game. I'm not sure if he re injured it, or if they just decided he wasn't effective and would wait until he was healthier to play.
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