Full Version: Cignetti's name comes up in coaching carousel
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It's not unexpected after the success that coach Cignetti has brought to Elon, but his name is coming up (speculation) in discussions for coaching changes.

Cignetti's name comes up for ECU. This seems pretty unlikely to me and is kinda far out there. Jumping from FCS to a high G5 job? Never say never but probably not.

Cignetti to Ball State? Hey Elon could lose another coach to Ball State? There is at least a possibility of this happening.

Name mentioned for UNC Charlotte Ok, like the ECU job this is unlikely. There's been quite a few bigger names mentioned for this.

So, mostly vague speculation from message boards but the Ball State position is not unreasonable. It's nice to have your coach wanted elsewhere except when he actually leaves.
Welp...Cignetti to JMU. Intra-conference is odd. Story from Elon
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