Full Version: McNeese State Looking at going FBS
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Quote:The time has come.

McNeese athletic director Bruce Hemphill and president Daryl Burckel need to get on the phone and start making calls.

It’s time for McNeese State University to make the move to the Football Bowl Subdivision.

Now I’m not saying it has to be immediately. I don’t even think it should be immediately. More to the point, I don’t think it can be done immediately. There are some issues that need to be taken care of before the move can be made.

The NCAA requires a school to sponsor a minimum of 16 intercollegiate varsity sports. That includes a minimum of six all-male or mixed teams and a minimum of eight female teams. Currently, McNeese sponsors 16 teams (men’s and women’s track and field have the same rosters, but indoor and outdoor seasons count as different sports). So check that one off in favor of McNeese.

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McNeese is not looking at going FBS. This is a relatively new columnist to the area who is trying to get folks talking about going FBS. McNeese had their shot at staying I-A just over 30 years and opted against it.

I have a hard time believing that in Louisiana where schools are being cut more and more by the government each year that a school like McNeese would be able to make a move like this.
I have been warned to the moderators for expressing my opinion that Southland schools will move to the WAC and go FBS so chose to post this on smack, which can contain ironic or absurd statements.

Well Montana St coach Jeff Choate has said Incarnate Word wants to be FBS.


The writer on the McNeese St to FBS piece might have been told to write that by the McNeese St AD, as AD’s often have a thought dropped on the public by sportswriters not attributed to the AD. Sam Houston St and Lamar have previously had interest in the Sun Belt for FBS. Of course they would have interest in the WAC.

UCDavis, Sac St and Cal Poly need to be FBS institutionally or else drop FCS as a waste of money. FCS is worth about a warm bucket of spit in California, but UCDavis has hired former Boise St coach Hawkins to totallly revamp and grow their program and as a result UCDavis is a seeded FCS playoff team for the first time.

UTRGV wants FBS too, but the decision to start fb is being delayed. 2025 is the target date for a WAC full FBS again with a CFP payout, so UTRGV has time.
So SAC St just gave an eight year contract to the Utah OC, who was making $500 k a year. That’s unheard of for an FCS coach. Why would an FBS OC take a lesser position at presumably lesser money? The position will become an FBS one when they move to the WAC with UC Davis, Cal Poly, Sam Houston St, Lamar, McNeese St and maybe Incarnate Word.

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