Full Version: Does anyone still check this board to see if it has revived?
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A while ago, Kruciff and I were trying to get this board started up (again?). No one really hopped on and I got too busy to keep posting.

If you are checking this board to see if people are posting here, could you reply? I would be interested to see how many fans even check in here.

I would be interested in trying to revive the board if there were enough of us here.
28 views, the board is coming back.... I can feel it....
50 views, getting more popular...
Well what did you guys think of the game?
I think that we're doing pretty great for a brand new coaching staff, but not as good as we would like (given the criticism).
60 views, getting better...
69 views, someone is going to reply soon. I can feel it.
76 views so far. When this first reply comes, it's going to be great.
97 views, still going strong.
137 views. If you build it, they will come...
178 views. Getting closer...
250 views. I feel the comeback approaching.
508 views. More ready than ever.
I'm pulling for you ats
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