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Is Duquesne going to join the Patriot League for football next season?
(06-27-2004 08:57 PM)David Krysakowski Wrote: [ -> ]Is Duquesne going to join the Patriot League for football next season?

No! They joined the Northeast Conference which I was surprised. I thought they would join the Patriot. NEC allows 42 scholarships while the Patriot does not give scholarships. They give aid on a "as need basis."
Now that the Patriot approved scholarships, is there any thought of expansion on the horizon? If so, who are the prospects?
[Image: Loyola-University.gif]

Following the addition of Boston University, the Patriot League has added a 10th member, Loyola, which is currently in the MAAC. Set to join on July 1, 2013, Loyola will move all it’s sports to the Patriot, with the exception of rowing. The addition of Loyola gives the conference another addition in the Maryland area, along with Navy.

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