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It's Wednesday, time to lock 'em in.

Noles get healthy at the Huskies' expense, 38-0.
Scenario 1: Huskies play mistake prone ball, try to get cute instead of pounding the run, offense gives bad field positions, De gets worn out and demoralized. Score FSU 30, NIU 6

Scenario 2 (like OSU game): Huskie defense plays lights out, offense runs the ball effectively, gives the D a rest, limits mistakes , and Childers at least is a decent game manager. Score NIU 17, FSU 13
Not optimistic. Had hoped CMU would be a big lead early and give our starters a rest.

Our D has to gassed after 3 weeks of superb performances. Combine that with the heat/humidity of FLA and a FSU team that is looking to take their frustrations out on somebody.

Close at first but the second half is not pretty.

Native Americans 35
Huskies 13
If FSU quarterback throws more picks than Childers, NIU wins (17-14 range). 03-shhhh
Flaming spear throwers: 17
Dogs: 13

Hope I'm wrong.
Noles 28
Huskies 14

NIU comes out swinging early with 14 in the first quarter get over excited.....
Noles rediscover their swag and turn it on for the rest of the game.

Go Huskies!!!
$1,000,000 check clears to complete the contract. Nuff said, thank you FSU.

GO HUSKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NIU - 23
FSU - 13
FSU - 36

NIU - 6
NIU 23
FSU 20

Carey's contract gets renewed at the presser.
The Childers clan makes the 5 hour trip from Adairsville Georgia to Tallahassee and Marcus has his best game of his NIU career. The Huskie Offense is able to sustain drives and give our defense time to rest. The Huskie Defense plays great once again. NIU takes the 1.5 million dollars and high tales it back to Dekalb. Huskies 13 - Noles 10
(09-19-2018 06:46 PM)NIUfilmmaker Wrote: [ -> ]NIU 23
FSU 20

Carey's contract gets renewed at the presser.

Florida State 27

The good news is that the 6 is via a TD, not two FG's. Bad news, extra point is snapped over Gantz's head

I could see this game feeling a lot like the Arkansas game in terms of the game flow, special teams strike for FSU,late NIU TD
NIU 13
Noles 6
Huskies 16
Florida St 14
NIU - 12
FSU - 19

Tight end play is a serious problem. The Noles have 3 games worth of tape to see the very few plays they need to defend. Another struggle.

But if things magically come together, Childers starts to play comfortably and not panic. NIU coaches call a good game plan. NIU pulls this game out and is 2-2, wouldn't this meet most peoples preseason expectations for a really good start??
36 - 3 FSU, hope I'm very wrong, but I've seen nothing about this offense that says they can walk in there and get anything moving.

3-0 at halftime if that help. :)
NIU- 24
FSU- 21

Go Huskies! 04-cheers
4-2. Sutton smith forces two safeties and takes over the game. Childers continues the negative rush yards and ends up getting a safety as well
I hope NIU has something to combat FSU's likely aggressive attacking of the QB, would love to see some slip screen type plays to Nettles or Jones. Now does Childers have the touch for those kind of plays, who knows.
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