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Felt they were handing out low blows you you guys throughout the game.

Their twitter handle didn't view any of the 0 week games as "real" CFB.

Blasting on you guys for being kicked out of the SBC.

Blasting the fans for leaving in the 3rd quarter.

It was an ugly night but the defense looked alright and Wyoming should be the main challenge for Boise St. Still plenty of time to smack the likes of Liberty 2x and others around for 6 to 7 W's possibly.
At least NMSU students conducted themselves with dignity and respect in front of a national audience. Oh, wait...

I posted the same thing on the realignment board during the game. NMSU puts out a better environment than Colorado St yet the Wal-Mart t-shirt announcers blast NMSU fans for leaving early in a late night slaughter when that would happen anywhere (CSU didn’t have 3k peeps in the house when they cut it to 6 with 5 to go).

CBSSN outclasses ESPN in every fashion.
Colorado St isn't an indy with ppl still questioning their quest for staying FBS no matter the appropriateness of the questioning. ESPN doesn't want NMSU anywhere near G5/P5 football.
ESPN, a company in Connecticut, does not have it out for NMSU or have any opinion on wanting them in FBS. I think the comment was unnecessary when they're getting killed, but it is true. However, Wyoming is a very good G5 team that is better than last season despite losing Josh Allen. It was an expected blowout
Im no so sure about that. ESPN would love for major football/basketball not to cross the Mississippi River. The Shade they put on UW last year b/c of their OOC but commended Bama for theirs yet it was worse in every way possible.
The game was a disappointment for sure, I had hoped they would have played better, but Wyoming is a good team. The Aggies did have a cool distinction, they were 0-2 before most teams had even played a game!
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