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Is this ETSU/TTU engineering degree the prelude to ETSU having its own Engineering School one day?

I’m not holding my breath but you never know. Getting an engineering program would do wonders for ETSU
If Ken Kellogg is still employed as the head of the construction engineering technology major then I am sure he will be pushing for his own engineering major. He couldn't wait to rub in our faces what a great engineer he was and that we couldn't become engineers through ETSU's CET program.
It is possible for ETSU to have its own engineering program but the current arrangement is for ETSU to co sponsor a nursing degree for TTU and they in turn cosponsor our engineering program. Both schools get a degree program.
Correct. The TTU collaboration was a bone thrown to quiet the noise about getting an engineering major at ETSU. Some of the science- and engineering-minded folks at ETSU have wanted an engineering major for *many* decades. This is a loooong story, which I don't have time to go into, and I've forgotten much of the backstory. But I do know it's hurt ETSU's chances to get Ph.D. programs in Chemistry and Physics, altho of course that's far from the only reasons.

More germane and pertinent lately is that schools such as King, Tusculum (they don't have it yet, but would like to go 'there') and Milligan (yes, Milligan!) have started engineering majors.

William B. Greene Engineering at Milligan

Hmmm...…..where do we know *that* name from?

King's collaboration with UT:

King/UT engineering degree(s)

The ETSU/TTU degree is what's considered "general engineering", and opinions differ as to what kind of piece of paper will be more valuable. Really depends on the specific field, I think, but am not qualified to comment on specifics of those pros and cons.

So...…...to summarize, ETSU is, in some fields, running scared. Milligan, King, and Tusculum have been eating small-to-medium-sized pieces of ETSU's lunch in new things they've started, like specifically the MBA programs, nursing, and others. Those three institutions, being smaller and more nimble, and not having to go thru the more rigorous "vetting" process, can get these programs up and running vastly quicker. I would argue at considerable cost of quality, and *could* make some arguments along those lines, but will defer. But think "King med school" as just one way of imagining the rigor, or lack thereof, when such things are planned.

ETSU needs an engineering program, has needed one forever, and likely will continue to need one - because this is the kind of program that is more expensive for the state to run than most, because of the profs, equipment needed, etc. And now will be harder to get because Milligan has already occupied that space.

I'll also add that, imo, ETSU could have leveraged their graduate nursing programs (DNP, PhD, and MSN) better. We could be a regional leader in this area - again imo. But very complicated in terms of funding, leadership (not knocking Wilsie), vision, etc. Easier said than done, and all that.....
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