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(08-15-2018 03:04 PM)monarx Wrote: [ -> ]Love Harry and his writing. I wonder if his articles for ODU could potentially be picked up by the Pilot though? It helps ODU much more to have articles in the public facing paper. Otherwise, he's preaching to the choir so to speak. Great for us, but does little for exposure and brand building other than retweets and links.

If the Pilot gets to the point where they have to run stories written by ODU employees, then it's well and truly over for them. They've cut back on a lot in sports but they've not touched ODU yet. They may continue to be more picky about sending their reporters on road trips but there's no chance they cede ground that dramatically. Because if they do, then there's pretty much no reason left to care about the Pilot sports section unless you like high school sports, with other sources doing the heavy lifting everywhere else.

I think if ODU can get news consumers into the habit of coming to them for content more developed than schedules, scores and color-by-numbers game recaps, then it can still improve exposure and branding. The Pilot/Daily Press will continue to fly the flag, but now ODU itself will have compelling content as well. I think it'll work out.
(08-15-2018 03:27 PM)ODU804 Wrote: [ -> ]This is very positive news. I hope part of Harry's role will be to work with some of his contacts in the media to get ODU some attention in other markets. It will be great to have someone bringing attention on the website and in the tidewater market to what's going on but we struggle mightily to get attention outside of that area. As someone who lives in the Richmond area it would be nice to see our university get some attention and not just schools West of I-95 (with a little W&M sprinkled in).

Getting coverage in other markets is tricky. The school and/or fans have to make a case that there's interest in areas like Richmond and D.C. for ODU coverage outside what they already get from the wire services. My understanding is that JMU and W&M have more alumni in Richmond than ODU, which is part of why they get outsize coverage from the Times-Dispatch and TV stations there relative to the Monarchs.
I have to think that if ODU paid the RTD they could get a specific page in their online sports section. That alone would be very helpful.
(08-15-2018 04:21 PM)monarx Wrote: [ -> ]I have to think that if ODU paid the RTD they could get a specific page in their online sports section. That alone would be very helpful.

Excellent point. It's all about the money. The number of alumni in the Richmond area has very little to do with our exposure in the TD paper. The fact is we were a thorn in the side of the local Richmond beat writers when we were in the CAA and beating up on VCU and UR our share of times. They are happy not to have us around. One thing is for sure, the exposure of our school has picked up a lot in the Richmond area with the high school kids. I see a lot of kids wearing ODU football camp shirts around Richmond. It's not unusual anymore to run into people with some sort of ODU gear on. I am not saying it's anything close to the local schools but it's grown for sure.
Maybe Harry can also do the player/coach game interviews instead of those lousy reporters from Monarch Media. God they're awful.
He is going to be pretty busy already and divided between the two halfs (Academic & Athletic) of the University. If you read his first article on what his new ODU job entails I am not sure there is much extra time in there to take on more duties. Still we shall see and I am pretty sure ODU has made a good hire.

Congrats to Harry on the award. Well deserved.
Way to go, Harry!
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