Full Version: So, Humboldt is officially dropping football
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Future not looking good for GNAC football. APU is going to have to figure something out. They fit the profile of the pioneer league, its just a whole different athletic program to be D1 than D2. I have no idea if they are interested in doing that or not. But if they want to keep football, the WAC and pioneer appear to be the best way to do that. Or they could drop down to Cal Lutes level I guess.
I suspect the GNAC schools join the RMAC for football. The RMAC has 11, that would make 15. D2 is like FCS, where you play 8 conference games then go to a playoff.

FWIW APU is closer to Dixie State (365 miles) than to Humboldt (669 miles) anyway. And it is closer to ALL the New Mexico and Colorado Schools (NM Highlands, Adams State, Western State, Colorado-Peublo, Colorado-Mesa, Colorado-Colorado Springs, Colorado Shcool of Mines) in the RMAC than it is to Western Oregon, the closest surviving GNAC school. Travel for road games would be no worse for APU than it is now. But I'm not sure the

APU doesn't have the funding or finances that Cal Baptist does, about $3-4m less of a budget, and Cal Baptist is expanding spending and built new facilities, and they don't have football. Unlike APU they have a growing student population. The conditions are just not right for APU to move up.

Staying put in D-II may make sense, as Biola just moved up (similar size to APU and CBU) to D-II and replaces CBU in the PacWest. It's not much of a travel difference.

I would like to see APU move up to the WAC, but it's not clear where the money for operations would come from as they'd need to raise $1500 more per student, and student and parent loans are already above $50m a year (almost $1000 per student average). That is really hard to justify a hike in tuition. On top of that they need to do some upgrades like CBU did. If the campus were growing and the student population swelling with new dorms going up like CBU, perhaps. But that sort of growth is not going on now at APU.

As for HSU dropping football, it's sad, but unfortunately predictable. The ecosystem for D-II football dried up in California, and HSU is the most isolated campus in the state, hundreds of miles from anywhere. It never had a chance.
Can this go away, admins? It really has nothing to do with the WAC, save for in the minds of a very limited few who will carry on wildly speculating with no substantive facts or legitimately sourced information for several pages.

The chest thumping, false bravado, and angsty posts between fans of actual current WAC members who participate in sports actually sponsored by the conference at this time are just starting to ramp up again. Must we also endure yet another random fantasy realignment thread with no basis in reality at the same time?
Humboldt to the Pac-12 should be a slam dunk!
Now I hope Jeff Hurd is courting Humboldt State to put the saved money from cutting football towards WAC membership. Lumberjack Arena holds 1,850. Bring them and giant party school Chico State
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