Full Version: Catching up with Coach Haith
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Short little interview with coach about summer progress. Everyone should be actually on campus now. Barnes was finishing up some school buy should be in Tulsa by now.

Key info:

All of our recruits are on campus for the summer.

Feels the new big men are at a great point to mold into the sort of players they want, soaking up coaching like a sponge.

Zeke Moore just got cleared to go full speed from surgery he had in spring and looks good. Coach seemed impressed.

Chris Barnes is finishing up school and should be back this week. He has been playing out in the Drew league in LA and holding his own sometimes against pro players. Expects him to have a big team impact.

The transfer who is sitting out this year is really talented.

The NCAA now allows a even split of the the 8 hours permitted for supervised practice, use to be 6 strength and conditioning 2 for sport. Right now they are doing 3 sport and 5 conditioning. Feels the summer conditioning is an important foundation for in the season.

Talked about the cycle of coaching and never really having time off.

Talked about the camps:

The little kid camps are fun and he and the staff enjoy being able to make a big impact.

Really feels like having the players involved is teaching good life lessons to themand is a big deal for the kids.

The camps help tie into the community.

The elite and team camps give the staff a chance to develop relationships and evaluate players.


Side notes:

We offered a 7'0 for 2020 from the PWP team, good looking kid for that size and age. Big frame but already has some weight to him. Seals is putting us in play for local kids, we haven't built a fence but this is starting to feel a lot more like the way we use to compete for local kids.

Pooh picked up a job at University of Miami. We are starting to have some former players really building a resume. A good sign for the program that we will have good options in the future.
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