Full Version: Liberty joining Atlantic Sun - reports
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Liberty to join Atlantic Sun in olympic sports according to reports.

Big for that Conference. ASun reminded me of the WAC in a lot of ways when they needed NJIT for 8 members. Now have their own version of NMSU, a FBS Independent.

Wonder if NJIT could be kicked out now that they have 9 members

With Savvanah State gone, wonder if Florida A&M/Bethune-Cookman jump to ASun where Stetson, UNF, Jacksonville, & FGCU reside.

Also the possibility of Big South adding Howard (to complement Hampton) to get back up to 12.
I don’t see the Atlantic Sun removing anyone just yet. Someone has to be willing to actually take NJIT (looking at you, America East). North Alabama is also stuck in transition purgatory until June 30, 2022.

I do think Howard is out the door to the Big South. Losing Hampton was a massive blow to the MEAC, and Howard’s athletic program has more in common with the Big South or Atlantic Sun anyway.
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