Full Version: 2018 Football Season Poll: Week 3 - UAB (2-0) vs.Tulane
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Thank you for voting in the Week 1 thread. UAB received 23 votes, Coastal Carolina received 1 vote. UAB is now 2-0 on the season. The rest is copied and pasted from the previous thread but formatted to reflect Tulane. Please let me know if there's any other information you'd like to see in future weeks posts. I'll typically post the next game between 10am-noon CT the following day.

This is an offseason topic I've seen done elsewhere and really enjoyed so I thought I'd bring it here. Each day I'll post UAB's matchup with some information pertaining to the game, and you aselect who you think will win. If you'd like to play bonus, add your predictions for the following questions:
  • Final Score
  • Attendance Number
  • MVP

WEEK 3: Tulane @ UAB
Saturday, September 15 - Time TBD

Previous Season Record: 8-5, 2nd in CUSA West
2017 Team Talent Ranking: 91
2018 Recruiting Class Rank: 105
2017 Scoring Offense: 29.6 PPG - 55/130
2017 Scoring Defense: 24.3 PPG - 46/130

Coastal Carolina
Previous Season Record 3-9, 2-6 in Sun Belt
2017 Team Talent Ranking: 131
2018 Recruiting Class Rank: 68
2017 Scoring Offense: 27.5 PPG - T74/130
2017 Scoring Defense: 29.2 PPG 85/130

Stadium Info for Bonus Question
UAB's Stadium is named Legion Field
Capacity: 71,594
2017 Average Attendance: 26,375

Other Info Based on ESPN's FPI Projections
ESPN FPI Prediction: UAB 47.8% Probability of winning
ESPN FPI Projected Record - UAB 7.4 - 4.9
ESPN FPI Projected Record - Tulane 5.8 - 6.2
I'm picking Tulane. I (obviously) hope I'm wrong but I think Fritz and his team are ready to make a step forward in year 3. He's too good of a coach to not produce in his 3rd year.
Score: Tulane 38 - UAB 31
Attendance: 28,000
Tulane= 35
UAB = 38

UAB kicks a FG as time expires for the win. This will be a physical game but we should run it down their throats till they choke.

MVP = Spenser Brown with 200+ rushing yards.

Att: 27,564 1/2
I'm taking UAB in this one and it's not the green Koolaid. I think UAB's running game will gas the Tulane defense in the fourth quarter. UAB wins a nail biter at the end and breaks Tulane's heart with a last minute touchdown drive to win 42-41.
This will be a tough game for us. Facing this kind of offense two weeks in a row will wear us down a little but hopefully we pull it out and start 3-0.
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