Full Version: Anybody still post here?
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Just wondering. 07-coffee3
I wonder in from time to time.

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I used too quite a bit. In fact, I kinda highjacked this little used subforumx4 for a dumping ground of raw emotions regarding people/events/decisions surrounding UofL/NCAA/media.
Sorry about that!
In fact, rants posted in anger and frustration are seldom accurate. In hindsight, the majority of my posts were based on emotions drawn from misunderstandings and misinterpretations of things I heard and read. Wish I didn’t unload but I did so all I can do is retract all my posts as utter nonsense and jibberish bunk.

On a side note.........

I want to Thank you Wilkie for [/align]leading by example and being an excellent poster and excellent Card fan!04-rock

How do you all like the direction that the university is moving in now? Coaching hires, new president & such?

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