Full Version: Delaware's Ryan Daly Transferring
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Daly was the heart and soul of Delaware Basketball. Maybe Drexel's 34 point comeback humiliated him to the point that he no longer wants to be part of that program.
Seems as though people got in his ear that he could move up in competition.
(04-03-2018 07:41 AM)DrachenFire Wrote: [ -> ]Seems as though people got in his ear that he could move up in competition.

I was thinking the opposite. From what I read on the Hens boards, there were times that he needed to come out for a break and MI kept him in. He probably played more minutes than he should have and seemed to have worn down. In the 34 point comeback game, he was terrible in the 2nd half, and was completely outmatched against guys like Isabel, Harper, Lee, and Mojica who were on a mission to perform a miracle.

I know this goes back before most of you, but he kind of reminds me of Mike Wisler, who was a Senior for Drexel in the 93-94 season. Both were slow and neither look like great athletes. But both players were great 3 point shooters who could put up a lot of points. He actually kind of reminds me more of a America East or Patriot League type player. Somebody also mentioned on the Hens board that he might want to play for a winner. So maybe he could latch on to a top tier team in a lower conference.
Pretty sure he played so many minutes because that team was like us a couple of years ago where they only had like 6-7 guys available. The SJU boards have been buzzing about him.
(04-09-2018 07:48 AM)jcohen42 Wrote: [ -> ]Officially committed to St. Joe's

Very interesting. I would expect him to be more of a role player on SJU and may not even start there. I guess he wasn't comfortable being THE MAN at Delaware.
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