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This is a little late to the party but the girls are 18-12 so far and just picked up a nice win at #24 Oklahoma St.

A 3 game series at UConn starts Thursday afternoon.
The Shocks win game 1 11-3 behind 5 homers.
WSU wins game two 8-2.
WSU gets the sweep with a 4-3 win.

Up next is a home game against KU and a big series with Tulsa.
The game against KU was cancelled due to "big 12 schedule changes" whatever that means.

The Tulsa series has been changed to 1 game Saturday afternoon & a Sunday doubleheader.
WSU loses game 1 to Tulsa 9-3.

Two games tomorrow.
The girls took game one 14-5 and lost game two 2-3.
(04-09-2018 01:28 PM)Wheatshock Wrote: [ -> ]The girls took game one 14-5 and lost game two 2-3.

Reign Cane 04-cheers
I just came to talk softball trash.

It seems the Hurricane had their wheaties, breakfast of champions. I was hopping to use that in basketball season. . .or in my dream scenario baseball *sigh

Good series shockers

Cowards 03-lmfao
(05-01-2018 11:33 AM)Wheatshock Wrote: [ -> ]

Cowards 03-lmfao

It's sweetness when they just say sorry, we can't play you because we won't win.

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