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NU outlasted BC 7-4 in 18 innings. It’s our first win over the beagles since 2014.

NU ruins the debut of their spanking brand new field, although it took way longer than it should have.

NU grabbed the 4-3 lead in the 14th before BC tied with 2-outs.

The Dawgs then scored 3 in the 18th, but BC loaded the bases with 2-outs, but the game ended with a flyout to left. It probably was to the warning track the way this one went.

Here is the information line on the game ...


Highlights ... actually they’re BC freakin’ highlights ... weak.


NU now has 3 wins vs. the SEC, 4 wins vs. the Big East and 1 vs. the ACC.

Next up, a big 4-game series at Texas Tech this weekend.

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