Full Version: AAC Tourney #11 Wichita vs #21 Houston
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#21 Houston (25-6, KP #18) vs #11 Wichita State (25-6, KP #17)
2:30 PM CT CBS
Gonna be a hell of a game
We can't shoot for **** so far
50 ******* fouls?! God these refs took over the game. So many **** foul calls. Both ways but anytime Gray gets touched a shoots FTs. bull****
It's made even worse because that ugly ****** gets away with muggings when he attempts to play defense
Well that was a load of crap. I don't like to blame the refs but the mugging of Reaves by Gray might have just cost us this one.

I'm starting to build up a good hate for TV Ted.
All of the end of game miscues are getting a bit fatiguing.

I think Gray double dribbled after the Reeves collision regardless.
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