Full Version: WSU vs UT Arlington weekend series.
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3/9 6:00 PM
3/10 2:00 PM
3/11 1:00 PM

All games on KNSS 98.7 FM/ 1330 AM.
WSU takes game one 12 - 3.
I still can't wrap my mind around all of this offense. Where the hell did it come from?

Did I read correctly that we hit our 5th Grand Slam of the season last night?
Butler must have sold his ******* soul
At least the Baseball team won.

5 - 1
(03-10-2018 11:48 AM)AngryShock Wrote: [ -> ]Butler must have sold his ******* soul

Or, if you remember the 0-6 start in conference play during Coach Marshalls 2nd year, you know at some point things seem to click. We have made some changes to Coaching staff, and players continue to develop.

The big question will be, can we replace Jenista amd Bohm. If so, and we get a couple more Liam Eddy’s, I like where we are. If not, it is UCONN/Memphis Basketball for us.
So you're saying we'll be back to sucking again next year...
(03-11-2018 11:08 AM)SubGod22 Wrote: [ -> ]So you're saying we'll be back to sucking again next year...

I'm saying we have younger players that need to continue to develop. I like him continuing to mix the line up a little. Find where the pieces will come from.

Pitching continues to look improved, and I like the prospects we have coming in next year.
WSU gets the sweep with a 5-4 10 inning win.
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