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Hello friends...thought I'd drop by the neighborhood.

I like you. Maybe we can be friends. I am not sure.
No friends. Maybe a semi-acceptable acquaintance.
I would respect you more if you titled the thread 'Holla'. This is America after all.
Hello! Looking forward to a really good basketball game on Sunday.
(03-03-2018 10:01 PM)ShockerFever Wrote: [ -> ]I would respect you more if you titled the thread 'Holla'. This is America after all.

Since this looks to be like the closest thing to a Welcome thread. I figured I'd stop by and say Hello and that I look forward to the coming years of great basketball that the city of Wichita brings. Ciao.
You will find our message board a welcome respite from the dangers of the ruling class. We have no modera.. gods here. This is Sparta!


Do I have to watch my language here? That is one thing I loved about Wheatshockers. That board censored itself and I was free to be me.

I can tone it down if I have to....but I won't be all that happy about it
I'm not 100 on the rules with language here but I'm going to guess it isn't going to fly with those in charge. Hope you can still be you even if it means fewer F-bombs.
Doesn't that f*cking suck!
The board does have a censor feature so unaltered ***** and ***** won't show up.

They say you're not supposed to circumvent it by using * but from what i've seen you're probably fine as long as you don't go crazy with it.
**** **** **** ****
Then I'll just spell it out that I think it's ******* bull****
Very true.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Angry's in the house! **** yeah. ****!

Has Fastbow checked in? Where's the rest of the Wheatshocker crew?
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