Full Version: New NCAA scandal
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This summarizes a bunch of top schools' dealing with agents/students/coaches etc. There are a lot of big name schools here. It makes me appreciate the way Peter Roby (love him or hate him) ran our program with integrity.

It concerns me that many fans of these schools are laughing these allegations off. Comments such as "LOL I hope our NIT season is vacated" really shows just how different the Power 5/Top 6 world is from the mid-majors. Trying to circumvent the rules is like a game to many of them.

I'm not sure if there will be any impact from this on this season for those teams but honestly nothing surprises me in the article. And note, some of the allegations are pretty small and trivial (a single dinner for instance), but some are a series of issues while others deal with cash and loans.
Arizona HC was caught on an FBI wiretap talking about giving prized recruit DeAndre Ayton $100K!!

Jesus. That’s big!
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