Full Version: Roasting the Hens
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We’re 9.5 favorites going in. Let’s get a win against these guys!!
I just feel very positive about today's Gold Game....hoping to see a big overall game from our good guys.
Looking forward to my annual hoops trek down to the Burg. Go Tribe!

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Line up to 10. That big a line makes me a little nervous.

Truly, however, we have not had more than 1-2 players "on" in one game, in a while. If we can come out smokin' with 3 - 4 guys hot, 10 points may be just a speedbump.

Good Luck, Tribe!
I think Daley is still hurt, and if so, that's a lot of points that they miss. They are on a big losing streak, so they will either fight hard or give up. I'd like to see us come out hot and bury them early.
I will never feel good about a conference home game this season until the game is over and the Tribe scored more points than the other team.

This has been a crazy season.

Go Tribe!
Line is down to 8.
Well, if ever an opponent arrived at a good time, hopefully, it is Delaware, for Matt Milon.
Matt was 8 for 10 from the floor, 6 of 8 from three, and scored 22 points in the last meeting.

Have at it Matthew.
I sure hope Milon regains support from so many people on this board.

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(02-10-2018 12:44 PM)Tribal Wrote: [ -> ]I sure hope Milon regains support from so many people on this board.

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Matt is a very good player we are lucky to have. Good players don't stay down long.

Let's Go Tribe!!

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Some early misses and unfortunately, buffering problems on TribeTV again
We aren't pulling in rebounds

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Hens shooting 66% but turning the ball over and committing fouls so that part is good.

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Hens 8 for their first 11. Allen the really hot hand against us this game.
Delaware has gone cold for the last couple minutes. Tribe hits their last 6. That's more like it.
Pierce leading the Pierce-Allen game by 20 to 17.
Pierce must have said before the game "Just jump on my back guys and I will single-handedly win the game for us"
Tribe had hit 10 of 11 until Justin's "heatcheck" miss. We'll allow a couple of those...
That's what we have been missing...multiple hot shooters!
We are up 9 in a game where Knight and Burchfield have yet to score ... let that sink in for a minute

Justin might be our best overall player ... wow
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