Full Version: Basketball ticket/seating question
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Houston Cougar fans - I come in peace...

I know that your arena is under construction and you are playing at the H&PE arena next door at Texas Southern - but I have a few questions about the seating arrangements.

I was on your athletic website and it looks like the majority of seating is open seating. How bad/good are the views from those seats? And how quickly do they fill up for a game on a Thursday night? Do they have seat backs? Or are they bleachers and can you bring in seat backs with you into the arena?

I'll be driving down from College Station to see the Bearcats play - should be a good game, but I just don't know much about the ticket/seating arrangements in your temporary home.

(P.S. - it's going to be great that next year that BOTH Houston and Cincinnati will have new arenas).

Also - I am looking for tickets, if anyone is looking to sell. PM me if interested.
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