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Found it interesting that our football independent schedule has tons of MWC teams. In 2021 5 MWC teams on the schedule! There are 3 next season.
It's good to establish a regular series with the teams you hope to keep playing. Not sure if the MWC would ever consider a football only member, but I think it's a regional match and there's already an established rivalry with the Lobos.
Word is MWC loosening to the idea of a future NMSU invite. Boise State and Nevada are very opposed and that is a big obstacle. UNM also behind the scenes working against us.
That post is complete BS. Nothing is going on in the MWC as far as expansion goes.

The softening occurred when Couture (almost unanimous loathing of her arrogance by MWC Presidents) left and a much more respected Carruthers was placed in charge. But the fundamentals (that is the money) of expansion are not there for the MWC. Also NMSU falls in line behind the Texas schools of Rice and UTEP in MWC expansion options. As an institution UTEP and NMSU is not that different, except UTEP is in Texas (barely), closer to an airport, and has 20K undergrads compared 12K at NMSU. They have the same level of endowment and similar level of research. Proximity to airport (less travel hassle and time) and Texas (if barely) are huge factors. Rice is more desirable than either. All three have talked seriously with the MWC, the Texas schools more recently. No question Texas school could help in TV more than New Mexico State, but then again TV money is not that great either.

NMSU Basketball is the best selling point, and getting a few rounds deep in the tourney in each of the next couple years would go a long way. The Wichita State move to the AAC shows that at the G5 level, with Football TV revenue pretty small (a large "body bag" game or so), and Football revenue from the Playoffs about the same as a single "body bag" game, Basketball is where one can bring value. If NMSU can demonstrate that they can give the MWC an extra NCAA credit say 2/3rds of the time, then they pay for themselves and will be invited. Otherwise, the Texas schools come ahead of you.

Again nothing is going on. And again nothing is happening or about to happen probably for five to seven years at least.
I agree with Stu on NMSU to the MWC. There has to be additional revenue added to the MWC and right now I don’t see any school bringing additional revenue.

I think the MWC would add Texas schools if they were going to expand and I don’t see any attractive Texas schools to add. Basically, if ESPN thinks that adding two Texas schools is worth more money, it will happen. Two Texas schools together with three California schools, Boise State and Air Force/Colorado State might work. But it is hard to find schools in Texas that will help in both football and basketball.
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