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January 10

UAB is 9-3 in games played on January 10. Two of the three losses are to Houston.

1979 - UAB hosted Southern Miss who was ranked 5th in the nation in scoring offense at a pace of 93.1 points per game. All five Southern Miss averaged in double figures. UAB played excellent defense and led 52-36 at the half. In the second half, USM came back and cut the deficit to two with 2:50 to go. From there, Darryl Braden and Greg Leet went 8-8 at the free throw line and UAB won 93-87. Larry Spicer led UAB with 26 points and 10 rebounds.

1980 - UAB traveled to South Florida to play the Bulls. The game was played at the Lakeland Civic Center because the Sun Dome was still under construction. The new building was supposed to be finished, but behind schedule and South Florida was playing home games in three different buildings in three different cities. Attendance was 336. UAB was down by one at half, but in the second half, they shot 71%, hitting 20 of 28 field goals. Blazers won going away 92-83.

1981 - UAB hosted VCU and Coach JD Barnett in Birmingham. In those early days, Barnett may have been the most hated opposing coach by UAB fans. This game probably contributed to that feeling and the growing bitter Sun Belt rivalry between VCU and UAB. Coach Bartow received a technical less than two minutes into the game, arguing a call in which Glenn Marcus was knocked to the ground, but no foul was called. After the game, Barnett complained that Bartow had set the tone of the game by receiving the technical. He may have had a point. UAB was 29 of 38 from the line and VCU was 7 of 11.

VCU led 32-28 at the half, but UAB went on a 12-3 run in the second and led 40-35. The lead eventually was 12 with 5:28 left. VCU made a run at the end, but UAB won 67-65. After the game, Barnett stated that SunBelt coaches felt that Bartow intimidated the referees and "something was going to have to be done." He also complained about the shot clock failing twice at UAB's end of the court and the hostility of the crowd. Reading those remarks in the paper, It's certain that UAB fans eagerly awaited his return to Birmingham.

1985 - UAB defeated Jacksonville 67-55 in the conference opener.

1987 - UAB traveled to Western Kentucky to play the Hilltoppers, who were the favorite to win the Sun Belt and had been as highly ranked as 8th in the nation. Back to back losses to Louisville and Central Michigan had knocked them out of the top 20. This game was the first in Bowling Green after a candy throwing incident the previous season. Earlier in the season when Louisville played at WKU, the game had been stopped four times because fans were throwing things on the court. In previous seasons, UAB had taken the band, cheerleaders and mascot to This game, but Coach Bartow left them all in Birmingham, because he didn't want any problems. As for the game, it wasn't much of one. The Hilltoppers jumped out early and led 42-24 at the half. Western won 85-67. UAB would go to Bowling Green one more time that season in the Sun Belt Tournament and get sweet revenge.

1989 - UAB hosted Western Kentucky two years later and won 76-60.

1998 - UAB defeated Tulane at home 85-66.

2001 - the Blazers had never lost to Houston and this road game seemed to be assumed because Houston was 1-8 in the last nine games. Coach Ray McCallum slowed the game down and UAB displayed new levels of scoring futility. They went ten minutes in the first half without a point and five minutes in the second half. Still, they had a chance to win. Three Houston turnovers in a 26 second period allowed UAB to cut the lead to 63-60 with 30 seconds to go. However, LeAndrew Bass was called for a charge as he drove to the basket, killing the comeback. UAB lost their first ever game to A bad Houston team 67-65.

2004 - UAB played Houston again on this date and won big 64-42. UAB led by as much as 28 in the second half.

2007 - UAB overcame a 10 point deficit at home to Central Florida in the final three minutes and Paul Delaney hit a jump shot at the buzzer to send the game to overtime. Delaney had only two points going into the final minute of regulation, but he hit four baskets in the final minute to send the game to overtime. He also hit the go ahead basket to start the overtime, and UAB beat Central Florida 74-64 in overtime.

2009 - UAB lost at Houston 75-56. Aubrey Coleman for the Cougars had 25 points. Lawrence Kinnard and Robert Vaden each had 10 points for UAB in the loss.

2015 - UAB defeated Florida International 70-53. Trailing by three at the break, UAB opened the second half with a 10-2 run , including three pointers from Robert Brown and Nick Norton. They iced the game by going on another 12-0 run.

Blazer Birthdays:
One recent Blazer and a current Blazer have Birthdays today.
Born today in 1994 was Hakeem Baxter who finished his UAB career last year.
Born one year later in 1995 was William Lee, who is a senior this year.

Happy Birthday to Hak and HaHa.
Happy birthday to Hakeem Blazer.
(01-10-2018 09:14 AM)the_blazerman Wrote: [ -> ]Happy birthday to Hakeem Blazer.

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