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Any thoughts on bowls so far or upcoming?

Big Ten 3-0 so far with some enjoyable games.

1. I did not particularly like the Iowa vs. Boston College match-ups, but it was a good game in Yankee Stadium and coming up with those turnovers was the difference.

2. What a quick turn around for Purdue. A bowl victory this year is amazing considering where they just were.

3. Michigan State has erased all doubts that last year was the start of a trend. Another solid year for the Spartans.
I thought the conference had a favorable slate and so far it's been great. Too bad we don't have a representative in the playoffs.
I agree. After we found out that Ohio State wouldn't be in the playoffs I figured that at least the B1G should probably have a good bowl record (silver linings and all). I didn't expect them to be sitting at 5-0 with 3 games left to play and I believe they're favored in the remaining 3 games. I think they could win the last 3 looking at the games individually but I don't expect the B1G to finish the bowl season undefeated (it's just not in my nature to be an optimist). It would be a nice finger to the CFP committee but it doesn't matter now.
I was very happy with our bowl game against Washington State. It has been a great year as a Spartan Football Fan.

Congrats to our brothers in the BIG for their victories. For those who have not played yet, I will be rooting for you victories.

As for the arrogant ******** from AA, Rot in hell.
The Battle of the Wildcats was ugly but I'll take an ugly 24-23 win over a loss anytime. Not sure why Fitz went for it on 4th down 1 yard to go from the NU 39, A long Niswander Punt would have backed Kentucky inside it's 20 possibly the 10 which is a long way to go with a minute left when you have to score a TD plus Xtra pt to tie but it worked out for NU. Cats have their 2nd 10 win season in the last 3 years and back to back bowl wins for the first time in program history! 04-jawdrop01-ncaabbs

Badgers holding a 27-24 lead on Miami about halfway thru the 4th quarter if they hang on, only need the Wolverines to beat South Carolina for a conference sweep.

Once all game are completed and the dust of this bowl season settles, the playoff ranking folks will take into account the conference's success and other conference's shotcomings (SEC is currently 1-3) in the final rankings. I'd expect OSU to move up into the top 4 if not #3 with the convincing win they had over USC. MSU should move up several knotches with its 25 pt win over WSU.
The Badgers are just about to put away the Canes so let me be the first to say congratulations on winning the Bowl Trophy this year. Regardless of what happens on Monday between South Carolina and Michigan your 7 bowl victories will be enough to lock it up. The only conference that could have beaten you was the........drum roll please, Sun Belt at 4-1. But you can't be 6-2 now so you have sole possession of it and it was well deserved.

I'd say that's a lot to build on for next year.
I think the big thing for the Big Ten was winning tonights game. That way it can't be blown off as oh the conference had a ton of matchups vs Pac 12 and they suck.
Very fun bowl season so far. Going to various OSU sites, looks like many Buckeyes more salty than me about not being in playoff bowls. For me, I'll take the Cotton Bowl win this year. It's a good cap to the year and I have never been a national championship or bust guy.

Now I guess I'm going to bite my tongue and root for the State Up North (feels a bit wrong) :)
You don't have to cheer for Michigan to win. Just cheer for South Carolina to lose!
I root for you Michigan and you lose like that 04-chairshot

That said, I do hope for a better season next year Wolverines.
Regardless of win/loss today, UCF has proven that they deserved a seat at the table this year.
Michigan was a joke today. I don't think it gets better next year either. I bet Harbaugh leaves for the NFL. Maybe Indianapolis or Chicago.
(01-01-2018 04:40 PM)GE and MTS Wrote: [ -> ]Michigan was a joke today. I don't think it gets better next year either. I bet Harbaugh leaves for the NFL. Maybe Indianapolis or Chicago.

You may be right.
7-Michigan perfect bowl record.
After the 7-Michigan (brilliant DD) bowl record, I think it's safe to say that the B1G is the most solid conference top to bottom.

I also think that the bowl games showed that maybe the West isn't nearly as bad as people thought. Compared to the East they're the lesser division, but compared to other conferences division, they're right there.
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