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As we go through life, our values, ideals and experiences change, and if one is a free thinker, their political views and positions change. If one stays purely the political line their early and late adulthood, we can expect that person to have a smaller world view, and hence be conservative, or be liberal with eternal hope and unsteadiness.

I've progressed as I've learned from life lessons. Growing up in ultra conservative Lynchburg, Va in the 1960's, I started out with the 'love it or leave it' position. Then the Vietnam War came, I matured and saw the recklessness of those in power and their value of human lives. And as I matured over the years, I've become wiser. So with this as a premise, here's my voting for President since 1968. What's yours and why?
1972 - Wallace
1976 - Carter
1980 - Carter
1984 - Mondale
1988 - Bush
1992 - Clinton
1996 - Clinton
2000 - Gore
2004 - Kerry
2008 - Obama
2012 - Obama
2016 - Clinton

As of March 2017, I'm a registered Independent. In the early years I leaned Republican and the later years Democrat. Today, and from this time forward, I'm not voting for anyone who votes along strict party lines. Is there anything more insane that being a numb nuts and voting along party lines rather than for the issue? At 64, I've had enough deceit, lies, untruthfulness. This is exactly why I decided not to pursue a political career 30 years ago as I do have a soul.
I evolved from a committed liberal to a committed cynic, voting for whichever candidate offends me least:

1980 -- Carter
1984 -- Mondale
1988 -- Dukakis
1992 -- Perot
1996 -- Dole
2000 -- Bush
2004 -- Bush
2008 -- McCain
2012 -- Romney
2016 -- Johnson
My presidential voting record is as follows:

2000 - Bush
2004 - Bush
2008 - McCain
2012 - Romney
2016 - Trump

I get your points regarding avoiding the party line method of voting. However, I believe that from 2000 onward, the paradigm shifted. You no longer have the Zell Millers and the Joe Liebermans in the Dem party. The GOP seems to still have a few crossover style politicians like Olympia Snowe and Murkowsky. But generally, each party has gone thru a series of litmus tests for ideological purity. I have a couple other threads on this board about candidate selection and the contrasts between the general electorate political vies vs the hyperpartisan vies of the Ds and the Rs.
Mostly Libertarian, a couple of republicans.

1968 - Nixon/Agnew
1972 - Hospers/Nathan
1976 - MacBride/Bergland
1980 - Reagan/Bush (had to beat Carter)
1984 - Bergland/Lewis
1988 - Paul/Marrou
1992 - Marrou/Lord
1996 - Browne/Jorgensen (would have voted Clinton/Kemp if I could split my ticket, but no way could I vote for Al Gore)
2000 - Browne/Olivier
2004 - Badnarik/Campagna
2008 - Barr/Root (had to hold my nose on this one)
2012 - Johnson/Gray
2016 - Johnson/Weld

I will admit, living in Texas where most presidential election results are pretty certain has given me the opportunity to make a few protest votes that I might not have made if I were voting in a tossup state.
Here is mine, beginning with my first Presidential Election, which also happened to be the very first time I voted since I became of voting age. I'll even mark the age I was each time.

2000 (18) - George W. Bush
2004 (22) - GWB
2008 (26) - John McCain (held my nose)
2012 (30) - Mitt Romney (held my nose)
2016 (34) - Evan McMullen (write-in)

Until 2016, I was a vote the Republicans could count on. That changed when Trump was nominated. I just couldn't bring myself to vote for him, though I was almost there. If he had started hammering Hillary extremely hard sooner than he did, I would have been able to justify my voting for him. When November 7 rolled around, I was still listening to my conscience telling me not to vote for him for a myriad of reasons, including his constant changing of political party membership. Another reason is this: My late father taught me to do everything I can to have every one of my beliefs grounded in the Constitution and, more importantly, the Holy Bible. For me, Ted Cruz was lining up more and more with how I was raised. When he came up short in the Republican primary, I was crushed. I seriously hoped he would find a way to win. I eventually got over it, but I still couldn't bring myself to vote for Trump. So I wrote in Evan McMullen.

I will say this: If Trump runs for reelection in 2020, I WILL vote for him.
I've actually gotten less conservative over time... or less rigid anyway and willing to make tradeoffs.

1996 - Perot
2000 - GWB
2004 - GWB
2008 - McCain
2012 - Romney
2016 - DJT

I was enthusiastic in 2000 (was disappointed in the end with the nation building). The most difficult was McCain. I almost sat that one out.

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sweet i have something relevantly political to share. and this time, i can't be wrong.

2000- bush. first time voting. i think it was also the first time they let 17 years vote (i know 2000 was something first in voting)

2004- bush. this was the time i started to question my republican suburban adolescence. because i was in college man. even though i commuted and didn't fraternize with any other students, i caught liberalism. i still have a bunch of holdovers. outside of my ayn rand years i'm getting closer to the center.

2008- obama. from aught six to aught aught nineish, i was a pretty dedicated liberal. i read che guevara. surprisingly didn't think communism was sweet. but the mystique of da guerilla, man. i got a tingle in my leg reading the des moines register at a cafe in dubuque when obama won iowa.

i loved the ideas that manifested in the left, antiwar, drugs, liberation of the body, etc. this was obviously my big takeaway

2012- ding dong johnson- right in the middle of my ayn rand years. i was one of those retard libertarian fanboys who really couldn't tell you what it was

2016- ding dong johnson- i really feel i'm hitting my stride. i'm one of those fiscally conservative far left social folks. i even might contradict myself when presented with facts and be completely comfortable doing so.

no one's ever gonna win at politics. your side is gonna lose. so i've been trying to stay mostly local with politics and not pay much attention to the national stuff. that's my intention at least and i'm not doing a very good job
2000 - Harry Browne
2004 - None, messed up voting registration. Probably would have been GWB had I been able to
2008 - Barr
2012 - Johnson
2016 - Johnson
2000- didn’t vote. I was 18 and lazy and loved 2hours from where I was registered
2012- Johnson
2016- Johnson
1992 - Bush
1996 - Dole
2000 - Bush
2004 - Bush (while holding my nose)
2008 - McCain (while holding my nose)
2012 - Romney (while holding my nose
2016 - Trump

If the dims would run a decent candidate that wasn't either A. a criminal (both Clintons) or a socialist (Kerry & Obama) there were times I would have voted dim. I've voted dim for governor before (Hodges vs Beasley) and in the Senate before (Hollings) and I've voted for dims lower on the ticket so it's not a straight party vote for me.
1984 Reagan
1988 Bush
1992 Clinton (misplaced hope he would shower Arkansas with big Federal projects like LBJ and Texas)
1996 Dole primarily because I met Jack Kemp in 1983 and was a big fan
2000 Bush
2004 Bush
2008 McCain
2012 Gary Johnson
2016 Evin McMullin hard decision seriously considered Gary Johnson.

Once a Republican but no more.
Mike Huckabee once called Arkansas a banana republic and that was proven true when the GOP took over the legislature. After several ethics issues they proposed a constitutional amendment that purported to close some ethics loopholes but actually reduced oversight and increased the number of terms legislators could serve.
True banana republic, the old order is overturned by people even worse.
Had some indictments. Had a kid die at a daycare owned by a legislator who had passed bills cutting oversight of daycares. Had one who reduced restrictions on private adoptions who was discovered to have adopted a young girl with behavior issues. He and his wife placed the girl in a new home. A pedophile.

The social issues have turned me off. I used to laugh at tax and spend Democrats and damn if I didn’t elect cut taxes and still spend Republicans.

I’ve gone from GOP to GDI.

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Gary Johnson 2016, first presidential election I could vote in.
2004: Badnarik
2008: Barr
2012: Johnson
2016: Johnson
2000: GWB
2004: GWB
2008: McCain (wish I could take that one back and sit out)
2012: Romney
2016: Sat Out (despise Hillary, but Trump just sketched me out)

2020: If things continue the way they are, I'll vote for Trump.

The sky hasn't fallen. The economy is doing well. Internationally, our friends and foes aren't pushing us around. The new tax law looks amazing for business and families.
1984 Mondale (he was a family friend of my brothers' dad)
1988 Dukakis
1992 Bush (I had worked at Rice for several years and I appreciated Bush doing some things to showcase both Rice and the city of Houston)
1996 Clinton
2000 Gore
2004 Kerry
2008 Obama
2012 Obama
2016 Clinton
2012: Johnson
2016: Johnson

Only difference was that the first vote was cast in Missouri, the second in Florida.
1984 : Reagan -- had been a Reagan fan as a young kid as I had seen him speak in person in the '76 primaries
1988 : Papa Bush -- was not a Papa Bush fan, but the mainstream alternative Mondale was simply too closely tied to the worst President on record
1992 : Perot -- disgusted with Papa Bush, was not enamored of someone who was an unknown in my book (Clinton). Voted for him even with the crackpot Stockdale on the ticket.
1996 : Clinton -- earned my vote as a successful President, notwithstanding his major support of the Hillarycare and the carbon tax initiatives.
2000 : Nader -- had been a McCain-ite, as this era of McCain did not resemble the McCain of 2008+ in any way, shape, or form. Did not like GWB as Texas governor, and truly reviled Al Gore. Voted Nader to ensure the Green party a place on the ticket in Texas, notwithstanding I did not agree with Nader on hardly anything.
2004 : Shrub (the Molly Ivins term for Baby Bush) -- earned a vote as being a strong leader.
2008 : Barr -- hated what McCain had changed into, did not like Obama one iota. Liked the speeches of 2004 Obama, but the Presidential Obama simply exposed him as the community organizer in chief that he really aspired to be.
2012 : Romney -- Obama lived up to my expectations. Did not agree with Romney on everything, but I dont think any party has nominated such an upstanding person in my lifetime. Agree or disagree, Romney is a horrendously good person.
2016 : Johnson -- Hillary was the only candidate to make me seriously think about voting for Trump. Trump was the only candidate to make me seriously think about voting for Hillary. By far, the absolute two worst and most seriously flawed candidates ever nominated in my lifetime, imo.
2004 - Kerry
2008 - Obama (worked for him in VA)
2012 - Obama
2016 - Clinton

Grew up in a very conservative home. I never liked how my parents talked about other people in the country, always felt like the party was and still is extremely selfish. Therefore, their boy grew up to care more about other people than himself, so I vote and now with honest to god Trump in the white house and seeing how the GOP has bent the knee to him, will always vote Democrat.

1992 -- Perot
1996 -- Dole
2000 -- Bush
2004 -- Bush
2008 -- DNV
2012 -- DNV
2016 -- Trump
2008-Obama for POTUS and Pat McCrory for Gov
2012-Johnson and Pat McCrory
2016-Abstained and Roy Cooper
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