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Big game here. Our last OOC of the season against a good A-10 team. Would be great to get a win here and I think we are capable of it. A loss isn't the end of the world though since at the end of day, it's a road game against a team that may very well be in the NCAA's.

They beat Vermont at the buzzer last week, and similar to our game vs. Vermont Anthony Lamb went off and had himself a huge day.

The Bonnies force a lot of turnovers and while it's something we always struggle with, we know we can win if we don't lose our heads. 19 Turnovers vs. Kent St and I still thought we played very well.

I think we've grown a lot during this early season, and I think players are filling into some more defined roles now. Coen plays a lot of the bench which has been refreshing. A win isn't crucial or expected here, but I think this game is a good benchmark for where we are before we head down to Harrisonburg to start conference play next week.
Wasn't able to watch, but not a great score line. Lots of turnovers.

Time to switch to CAA play. I think we can be competitive.
Yep. Lots of turnovers...and, I think we gave them twenty-four points off those turnovers. And we shot bad from three and they didn't. The thing is...if you can't watch the game...were they stupid passes or were they those first step traveling calls that refs are calling this year? And were the missed threes good shots or bad shots? Who knows. Maybe the Bonnie played great defense.
Anyway, the "preseason" is over. As we head into conference play...which players are over performing and which players are underperforming? And will we finish lower or higher than our predicted sixth place finish.
St. Bonnie played great defense, which led to the awful start to the 2nd half that doomed us.

Shot just 24% from 3 and Pusica had one third of NU’s 18 TO’s.

Really needed a signature win somewhere in OOC but it wasn’t meant to be this year.

Let’s recoup and get a great start in conference by winning at JMU next weekend.
Well, I'm willing to make a prediction. I think we will finish higher than our predicted sixth place spot. I think we were picked that low because we were losing our POY/point guard and it didn't look like we had anyone to run the team. Well, we do. I LOVE Vasa's game. And Oceus has taken a couple of steps forward. He's a solid defender and I hope he keeps shooting the three and now he's driving to the hoop, too. Seems like he has his confidence back. We're deep enough now so we can play whoever is hot and I have a feeling Brace will be that guy more often than not. So, I say fifth.....or fourth if the bigs start to contribute.
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