Full Version: NCAA Bball Selection Committee to Give More Weight to Road/Neutral Wins
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Instead of using top 50 or top 100 wins straight up, they've divided the wins & losses data into 4 quadrants. Road and neutral site wins will become more valuable.
Which likely also means that if we crap the bed and lose on the road to a cellar dweller, we'll get punished harder as well.
Hopefully international island losses vs sub-200 teams are not weighted as heavily. 05-stirthepot
Book about four games at the bjcc
(12-06-2017 08:19 PM)Big Dee Wrote: [ -> ]Book about four games at the bjcc

I like that idea!
& if you play a P5 school because you are in the P5 you still get rewarded more than those who aren't in the P5.

They are just skinning the cat another way.
Richmond is 1-8.

Buffalo is 5-3.

Iowa is 4-5, and 0-2 in the Big 10.
Buffalo wasn't a bad loss, but the Richmond one was terrible. Iowa was ehhhhhhhhh

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So you think we try in season home and home games more? How do we (UAB) improve our at large chances? More road games against top 25's? Thought we wouldve been to Stanford by now or maybe after HaHa and Chris.
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