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6-2 Troy.

two threes by Troy
Lee hits a three. Students are there but no one else. Whole courtside sections are empty.
Early but not that good of a start for us so far
Radio is 3 minutes behind TV. SMH.
As usual, no perimeter defense for uab.
Announcer just said it was a "raucous" environment in Troy. Those empty chairs are getting out of control.

11-9 Troy at under 16 timeout.
uab need to pound the ball inside
That explains the students. First 300 students got tickets to the bowl game. I knew they weren't there to see basketball.
Nice move by Nate.
darling is hot
That Troy big looks like ASW jacking 3s.
We need to get a lead and then get Cokley's ankle some rest.
UAB playing good defense. On a 12-0 run. 21-11 with 12:04 to go.
Nate for 3.
(12-05-2017 08:16 PM)Memphis Blazer Wrote: [ -> ]We need to get a lead and then get Cokley's ankle some rest.

He came out first but Sullivan looked out of control.
Wes Person doing his best Jeff Hodge impersonation early.
It is so irritating that C-USA doesn't have a contract with ESPN. I get all of these small conference games streamed on my ESPN App and I have to look to get Paul Manafort to hook me up with a Russian connection to find UAB stuff.
Blazers moving the ball on offense as good as I've seen all year.
Ok, I'm putting the O/U on actual butts in seats at 674.
Person has been a 1 man show for TSU so far
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