Full Version: Reason 98 why Birmingham Bowl is the biggest joke of all
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Quote:Despite ending the regular season with a heartbreaking 49-42 loss to Central Florida, South Florida has had a solid 9-2 year that will end in the Birmingham Bowl on Dec. 23.

Unfortunately for the Bulls, the official bowl game apparel is advertising for a school that doesn’t exist. The University of South Florida is taking on Texas Tech in the bowl game – not South Florida University.

To make this situation even more awkward, USF played in this exact bowl game last season – and technically in 2006 when it was called the PapaJohns.com Bowl – beating South Carolina, 46-39, in overtime.

However, the name is wrong only some of the apparel, but not all of it, specifically the tonal variety.

The irony of this article is fantastic. This, from usatoday, the same people who always refer to us as Alabama-Birmingham.
But, on poit, yes- completely bush league.
It’s managed by ESPN. So I’m not sure why they’d make such a mistake.
I doubt ESPN handles merch production
Facebook post:

Birmingham Bowl
14 hrs ·
We have recently been made aware that there is a graphic misrepresentation of a T-shirt on the Birmingham Bowl Merchandise Site. Please rest assured that the T-shirt had not been produced, and the image is now being corrected. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. There will be lots of great looking gear at the game on December 23rd at historic Legion Field. We look forward to seeing you there!
(historic legion field mode - on)
Depending on the location of the T shirt designer, it may be that the artist there is no more aware that USF is not SFU than that UAB is not A-B. One in China or Viet Nam might be less aware than one in B'ham. A T shirt design can be finalized, put into production, completed and put aboard a 747-8 and be in B'ham within a week.
Same team that sent Spanish Fort a cease and desist letter about the little squiggly bull logo. Name police at Southern Florida are on high alert.
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