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AAC 2018 Recruiting classes.

I will update this list with any additional commitments throughout the year.

* rating is highest rank received per Verbal Commits.

Wichita State:
Isaiah Chandler (6'9" C) 3* Omaha, NE Signed LOI (Prep year at Sunrise)
Erik Stevenson (6'4" G) 3* Lacey, WA Signed LOI
Morris Udeze (6'8" F/C) 3* Richmond, TX Signed LOI
Jaime Echinique (6'11" C) 2* Colombia Signed LOI (Juco)
Chance Moore (6'9" G/F) 4* Louisville, KY Signed LOI
Alex Lomax (6'0" G) 4* Memphis, TN Signed LOI

Logan Johnson (6'2" G) 3* Mountain View, CA Signed LOI

James Akinjo (6'0" G) 4* Richmond, CA Signed LOI
Emmitt Matthews Jr (6'7" G) 3* Tacoma, WA Signed LOI
Lucas Kisunas (6'10" C) 4* Vilnius, Lithuania Signed LOI

DeShaun Wade (6'2" G) 2* Virginia Beach, VA Signed LOI
Jayden Gardner (6'7" F) 2* Wake Forest, NC Signed LOI
Micheal Wynn (6'6" G) 2* Albany, NY Signed LOI

Nate Hinton (6'6" G) 4* Charlotte, NC Signed LOI
Antoine Davis (6'1" G) 3* Houston, TX Signed LOI
DeJon Jarreau (6'5" G) 4* New Orleans, LA Verbal Commit (Juco)
Brison Gresham (6'9" F) 4* New Orleans, LA Verbal Commit (Juco)

Connor Vanover (7'4" C) 4* Little Rock, AR Signed LOI
Myreon Jones (6'3" G) 4* Suwanne, GA Verbal Commit

Jahmar Young Jr (6'9" C) 3* Dallas, TX Verbal Commit
Feron Hunt (6'7" G/F) 2* DeSoto, TX Verbal Commit

Xavier Castaneda (6'0" G) 3* Chicago, IL Signed LOI
Rashaun Williams (6'6" G) 3* Edison, GA Signed LOI
Micheal Durr (6'10" C) 3* Atlanta, GA Signed LOI
Rashawn Langston (6'3" G) 2* Little Rock, AR Verbal Commit (Juco)

Arashma Parks (6'8" C) 3* New York, NY Signed LOI

Moses Wood (6'7" F) 3* Reno, NV Verbal Commit
Connor Crabtree (6'5" G) 2* Hillsborough, NC Verbal Commit

Zeke Moore (6'7" G) 2* Florissant, MO Signed LOI (Juco)
Chris Barnes (6'4" G) 2* Compton,CA Signed LOI (Juco)
Peter Hewitt (6'9" F) 2* Mountain View,CA Signed LOI (Juco)(Will be a Sophmore)

Andreas Fuller, Jr. (6'6" G) 2* St. Petersburg, FL Signed LOI
Kani Coles (6'9" F) 2* Baltimore, MD Signed LOI (Juco)
Memphis just picked up a 4* guard.

Houston looks like they have a nice class coming in.
(03-03-2018 07:23 PM)Bearcats#1 Wrote: [ -> ]Houston looks like they have a nice class coming in.

We'll see with Jarreau/Gresham. They left UMass with academic and attitude issues. Jarreau is much more talented, but they required any school to take them as a package deal. Sampson is gonna have to keep them in line or it could cause some real team chemistry problems.
You should update Stevenson to 3*. Saw him listed as a 3 on Verbal, ESPN and 247. I stopped looking after that.

ESPN has Chance Moore as a 4*.
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