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I've been thinking a lot about our team this year and, in particular, the addition of Watson as the OC. I've felt for most of the season that Watson hasn't done a particularly good job and feel as though in crucial spots he's called some really bad plays.

I've retreated a bit on that recently. I think he was asked to do something nearly impossible - come in and run someone else's offense. For all the creativity Narduzzi has mentioned he wants to give his coordinators, it seems Watson didn't get any chance to do that this season.

I also wonder whether the offense fits the players we have now. We seemed to be adapting to a passing offense when we beat up on Rice and afterwards, Browne's injury caused us to change to a run-heavy system again.

Now the run seems to be working well but DiNucci doesn't appear to be able to make any throws. It doesn't seem that play action is actually getting anyone open.

With the level of QB play being so low at Pitt right now, I don't think we can evaluate Watson. He came in thinking he'd have Max Browne and he got saddled with DiNucci due to injury. To make matters worse he's running somebody else's offense and would likely be more comfortable implementing what he sees as a fit for the players.

I'm going to have to give it until next year to really evaluate what we have in Watson. He's not going anywhere, so I'll have that chance I'm sure.
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