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Oddly, the Ohio Christian site lists the Kent State game as an "exhibition", but Kent State's doesn't. Can a game be a exhibition for one team and not the other? BTW, O.C. is an NAIA team. It should be a game where everyone playa a lot. O.C. is 1-4, blowing out Ohio University-Lancaster, but losing the next four each by double digits. Another oddity - they play Monday at Walsh University, just a half hour down Route 43 from Kent (also listed as an exhibition), then go back home to Circleville, before returning to Kent Thursday. They couldn't have scheduled the Walsh and Kent State games back to back to avoid two long trips to northeast Ohio within four days???
Yes, Ohio Christian can consider it an exhibition even if Kent doesn't. This scenario is not that unusual.
It is the equivalent of a junior varsity game.
(11-12-2017 09:42 PM)fallsdog Wrote: [ -> ]It is the equivalent of a junior varsity game.

Or like Kent State playing Alabama. Can we call that an exhibition?
No. That is prostitution
Walsh University defeated fellow NAIA school Ohio Christian 100-53 last night.
Walsh is NCAA Division II. [/align]
Regular season game for us, exhibition for them.

If we must play games like these I'd rather see them between Christmas and New Year's when no one is on campus or in town. Not as the home opener.
Good catch, cschierh. Dumb mistake on my part. Yeah, they switched from NAIA to NCAA D II a couple of years ago. I knew that, but forgot. They used to be known as "College", too. Now "University".
Y-town just won by 88 points against Steubenville Franciscan. Final of 134-46. These games are disastrous for college basketball.
I recall going to Memorial Gym years ago and seeing Kent State actually lose to Steubenville! I also recall going to a game at Steubenville when I was still a student at Kent State. They had a nice facility for a small college in the mid-1960's. Didn't they actually give up basketball for a while at one time, or am I confusing them with someone else? Agree JimJoyce, but I think such games are strictly for the benefit of the smaller college, just as is Kent State playing football at Alabama and Clemson and others (of course Kent State and Alabama are both FBS - technically).
That's a good point, Muskrat. I never thought of it that way. I guess it could be worse, Eastern Michigan's first two games were against Spring Harbor and Dearborn. They also play Howard and Central State.
Kent also lost to Mount Union in the same season they lost to Steubenville. It was the first year that the volatile Rex Hughes was Kent coach. Kent played Pitt and Penn State AT HOME that season, beating both of them. Those were the days.
I remember that Kentville. I was coaching 8th grade basketball in Cuyahoga Falls at the time and made most of Kent State's home games then. If I recall well, both Pitt and Penn State were pretty miserable in basketball in that era. Also at that time, and especially earlier in the 1950's and 1960's, it wasn't all that unusual for big name teams to play what are now called mid-majors on the road.
Yeah, Pitt and Penn State were nothing at that time. In the same season Kent also played at Virginia, NC State, and Duke. They finished 6-20.
You can tell how excited fans were about this game, since it's midnight and no one has said a word about it.

KSU did win 90-45.
(11-17-2017 12:22 AM)cschierh Wrote: [ -> ]You can tell how excited fans were about this game, since it's midnight and no one has said a word about it.

KSU did win 90-45.

Yeah, I watched it on the computer - I had thought about going, but I figured it wouldn't be competitive - I was disappointed we didn't look even better. We seemed to play down a level, and looked sloppy and rushed. 44% shooting but a lot of that was in the paint where we'd throw up 3 shots before making one.

Also - some of the players don't seem to know they can pass. They get the ball and feel they need to shoot. If there isn't a good shot available, they're forcing a low percentage shot. This might work against OCU, but it's going to be exposed when we play OSU, Xavier, Valpo, and Loyola. These guys have some good skills but are going to find themselves out of the rotation when MAC time starts
Really cant make an accurate assessment from this game. yes they were sloppy at times and took some bad shots, but they won by 45 and no one got hurt. will get a better idea next week when they play 4 games in 7 days against legit competition, especially in Savannah.
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