Full Version: Google Ads covering forum links
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The Google ads in the Spin Room covers the forum links in that area.
Cannot see the lounge links, etc. since the ad covers them. Does not happen in the Dog Pound, so wondering if there is a spacing issue in the lounge where the header does not have enough room to accommodate the ad before you get to the links for the forum?

I don't know the lingo, just that it is annoying and prohibits easy click ability within the lounge.m

So, after much pain and suffering with countless browsers and devices, it seems to be an unfixable problem on Google's side. Everywhere where that is happening I'm testing their new dynamic ad units. Basically Google takes a look at what kind of device the user is viewing the site with (mobile, desktop, ultrawide monitor, etc etc) and delivers the best formatted ad automatically. The trouble is their little space estimator just can't handle too much JavaScript content on the page. And that's a problem because much of the top area of the site including the nav is determined heavily by JavaScript.

I tried hard to fix it on my end, but I don't think it's possible without ditching a *ton* of JS content on the site. And that's just not worth doing because it will just take away from time I could invest in Aurora.

I'm going to change the ad units back to standard units. If you see this occurring after today, please clear your cache. If it still happens after that, send me a PM.
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