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Who is worse Adidas or University of Louisville BoT?

Quote:Jason Riley
SOURCES: U of L offered to pay $1.5 million to charity honoring Pitino’s late son Daniel in exchange for resignation

Sources: U of L offered $1.5 million to Pitino charity in settlement bid
7:20 PM · Oct 16, 2017 from Louisville, KY

For those of you who question if there is a conspiracy against UofL I present exhibit A

What kind of sick plucks uses a man's dead son against him in order to force him to leave?
Perhaps I am misreading the obvious here and it needs clarification by Bevin because this sounds like his doing.

Just horribly sick and disgusting on its face.

Who does this type shyte? Only the worst people with an agenda.
This should be NATIONAL NEWS!

That it's not shows the SHYTE show that is going on with the BoT and their hired hit man.

What a shyte show the BoT are and Bevin's judgement.
I would not be surprised in the least if Postal (as a willing accomplice to the BoT) didn't HANG TJ's job over Coach's head.

That's some rare shyte right there.

The BoT says to CRP...."drop your lawsuit and we'll pass some penny's on your son's grave and retain your good and loyal friend Tom"

If that actually happened/happens THAT is beyond horrible.
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