Full Version: How many schools have an on-campus hotels?
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A first for NC state but I suspect other schools have on-campus hotels. I'm curious as to how many.
Utah State has one. University Inn

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App State used to have a hotel (don't know if they still do) that was technically on-campus although a ways away from the main campus. I think it was part of their hospitality management program.
We have the Kingsgate Marriott on the campus of Cincinnati.
Miami has the Marcum Center.
I know Maryland does...

I believe it's aptly named The Hotel
Houston has one as part of their Hilton College of hotel and restaurant management.

They've been rated as high as #2 in the country behind Cornell.
NIU has one, the Hotel at (John) Holmes Student Center.

Please note it looks like a giant cockk and balls stabbing the sky.

[Image: Holmes_Student_Center.jpg]
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