Full Version: Kari Jónsson has left drexel
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According to Verbals, he has left the team. I am guessing its either family related or he wasn't getting minutes from the two new transfers?
He explains it all here:

Unfortunately it is not too useful if you don't understand Icelandic.

From what I can gather using Google translate on some of the articles, he was homesick and wanted to get back to Iceland. I imagine playing time could have had something to do with it too. He has already signed to return to the team he had played with previously over there.
It's sad to hear this news. Iceman was a nice fill in for a very bad team in transition. However, if the transfers and incoming freshman are more talented than he is, then his playing time would be limited. I wish Kari all the best. But hopefully, this turns out to be an addition by subtraction situation for Drexel.
I liked him a lot but he was pretty weak I seem to remember him getting blocked and pushed around a lot last year.
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