Full Version: Well it's official!
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Tim Sullivan is an Azz. This "journalist" was hired to hate on the University of Louisville. This whole time I thought it might be Jurich or the coaches. Nope, self righteous mother phukker attacks the University in a news conference introducing a decent dude. Totally classless. What an azz.
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(10-03-2017 08:27 PM)EnterSandman Wrote: [ -> ][Image: whats-that-lassie-timmy-fell-down-a-well-good.jpg]

As no one posts on this sub forum of a sub forum I thought it was ok for me to vent in loose language and frustration. My bad! My question is this.......
How different is the sports section in the Courier Journal than this sub forum of a sub forum?

I'm gonna say.....not much!
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