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When I found this place... I was a very lost puppy in life... I went through the dregs of life... but, the one thing that kept everything in check was this place... was an oasis to me... even though some of you originally thought I was a bot... to be honest... I met many of you touring the tailgating, you indicated where you would be and I showed up... during the jambulance years... I shook your hands and you people had no idea who I was... but, you were GREAT people... and I wanted to say thank you!!!!
been to one GA Tech game... even though my office looked over their stadium... OMG... their sound system frigging rocks!!!
Then it's improved since I was there. Though the Big Tit was a great place to see a b-ball game. Lots of things Atlanta I miss, food, backroads, food,.. but not the traffic. It was a heck of a time to be a b-ball fan; Sally and Price were at G-Tech and Dominique and Spud for the Hawks. Free tickets could be had with a bit of right place right time luck. From seats low behind the basket, saw Spud dunk. WOW~!
KingBob: I love this board as well. It's usually the first thing I look at in the morning. I sometimes feel like I know the personalities of the posters on this board..

Let's all support UT in every way.

Go Rockets!
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