Full Version: The NEW rules, effective immediately
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1) The AUP is the primary set of rules. It's in the nav (Info -> AUP), but here's a link: http://csnbbs.com/misc.php?page=aup That covers are the usual typical stuffs like obscenity etc.

2) CHANGE: The following is removed because it is unenforceable: Posting with two or more screen names from the same IP address will result in immediate banning of both/all. THAT BEING SAID ... using multiple accounts to behave poorly is severely frowned upon.

3) Smack is OK so long as it is funny / jovial. Nastier stuff can and will be moved to the smack board or removed.

4) CHANGE: The following is removed because it is unenforceable: Private Messages: Private Messages (PM) are to be used when a conversation is occurring between two individuals that has no value to the general membership. The same rules apply in Private Messages as do in the general forum.

5) Post whatever you want where ever you feel it is most appropriate. You are given the benefit of the doubt to show discretion in placing your thread / post somewhere relevant. And you'll be given the benefit of the doubt as to its relevance. But we reserve the right to move things around if it is difficult to defend your judgement.

6) Post whatever recruiting info you want however you want wherever you want. But if the main WAC board starts feeling crowded with a bunch of recruiting topics from one or two teams, we may ask you create a consolidated recruiting thread for that school/sport.

I'll add to these as needed as we go through cleaning up here.
Updated to add 6. And with that I think we're done here. If you have further questions/feedback, you can PM myself and/or the mods here.
Thanks GTS
Thanks. Any chance we'll get the team colors for team boards?
(08-26-2017 07:41 PM)IWokeUpLikeThis Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks. Any chance we'll get the team colors for team boards?

Sure, if they're active. I'm working on Aurora, the new custom software for this board. So I don't want to take time away from doing that unless it's for an active board.

Which board(s) did you have in mind?
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