Full Version: CBS Sports Digital
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There will be a basketball "Game of the Week" on CBS Sports Digital. I guess this is CBS's version of ESPN3. Hopefully it will have numerous streaming options on various devices and not just be limited to online or an app. If this is the CAA's only "National" broadcast, then it's definitely a major step down from when games were on NBCSN. I really hope that they still have Comcast games, but I haven't heard anything yet.
collegesportslive.com has been around for awhile. Fortunately this will be free as most of collegesportslive.com is behind a paywall.

The only possible brightspot in this announcement is that this is a temporary stopgap measure.

CBS has announced a 24/7 sports streaming service, similar to their current 24/7 news streaming service. If that is ready to go by basketball season and moving forward, than we may see some positives after this football season. If not, then the conference really dropped the ball on this one.
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