Full Version: Who wins the lottery? Mississippi or a Texas?
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Toyota and Mazda are partnering to build a 1.6 billion dollar plant that will open in 2021. The plant will build the Corolla and a Mazda crossover, adding 4000 jobs to one lucky state. Even though MS currently has the Corolla plant near Tupelo, the state of Texas is also in the running for the new plant with Toyotas new US headquarters opening currently in Plano,TX. They currently produce the Tacoma and Tundra in San Antonio. Add that Mazda currently has plant operations in Mexico, Texas seems to be a promising option for the new facility. Who wins? MS needs to deliver on whatever tax incentives they can create. This is the biggest economic opportunity the state will have for the next 10 years.
I always laugh when people say that nothing is made in America anymore. No, cheap trinkets and low-margin garments aren't generally made in America anymore. More complex stuff is, as often as not, manufactured here. I even worked at a place that made a product so complex that it couldn't even be made in China yet.
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