Full Version: CAA Changing Championship Format and Network
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So it looks like it's CBS Sports Network for the Semi-Finals and Finals, but there's no information about whether or not they will be televising regular season games on national TV. This seems like a major step down for the CAA.

Tournament also moved to Saturday to Tuesday now. It doesn't really matter now, since I don't think most Drexel fans will be going to Charleston anyway.
The new commish is a Cowboy fan and it shows with this announcement. Time to make it on-campus at the higher seed so at least some people can watch it.
I don't mind a Saturday- Tuesday Schedule. Maybe its because, I am older but It was hard to watch Thursday or Friday Games especially when it was in Baltimore to go and watch.
Terrible news.
This kills the point of having the tourney at one site. Its the semis and the final that really draw people, and now by having them on Monday and Tuesday reduces the amount of people who are willing to travel to see them. Not enough people care about the pillow fights on Saturday or the 3 vs. 6 matchup on Sunday to make a weekend trip.

Go back to on campus and reward the students and fans who care about these teams. Give the better seeds their home environment. The crowds will be better and enthusiasm will be greater. These teams draw fans locally, not regionally.
Do a lot of schools do the back to campus style?
(07-21-2017 06:25 PM)Dragon For Life Wrote: [ -> ]Do a lot of schools do the back to campus style?

America East and Patriot League still do it, and their conference championship games tend to be the most entertaining to watch on TV. It's such a better format. You give the schools who advanced to the final a little break. Then the students and fans get a few days to get hyped up for the big game. The way it is now, everything happens too fast, and it makes for very difficult travel on such short notice.
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