Full Version: Windows 10 / "Edge" Browser
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Picked up a new cheap laptop at Best Buy recently. I generally don't use Windows unless I'm being paid to, but Best Buy doesn't sell anything with Linux on it and I just needed something fast and cheap. I mostly only plan on using this laptop to remote into cloud-hosted Linux servers, and it's more than adequate for that.

Occasionally, though, I'll absentmindedly use the Windows installation itself to do some trivial web surfing, and, holy mackerel, what a ******* piece of **** Windows has become. The "Start" menu exhibits a level of gluttony worthy of Fat Bastard. The system has a mind of its own; actually interacting with the user is apparently a low priority. The Task Manager has been neutered (and if any OS ever needed a good way to kill processes, it's this one). If you do figure out how to kill the web browser, you'll find that restarting it causes the very same pages that just had your system all jammed to be forcibly resurrected!

I don't know why anyone buys this **** (unless they're in a hurry and need a dumb client to remote into real computers).
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